1. Articollezione

  2. Articollezione

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    Articollezione is a collection of unpublished "antiques and curious" from the seventies, from the early beginning of the band, before 'Tilt' to the period just before 'Giro Di Valzer Per Domani", the second album. This album shows clearly the changes and evolutions that "arti & mestieri" had in the seventies. (2/3/5/9) are closer to Crimsonian Romanticism while (11/12) are in British Intellectual Psichedelia's vein while (6) has beartok's reminissences i These compositions, together with a "softer" version of Gravità 9.81 that gets another interesting identity iin this new version are the original 'nuclesus' form which arti & mestieri' s style started to grow. "Comin' here to get you" was in their repertoirr a thte time of "Articolazioni" when vocal parts had a certain stable importance in the economy of arti's music. Scacco Matto isa a'modal' tune (like 'Gravita' and Dimensione Terra) that develops and ends in a very short time. "Da Nord a Sud" shows fisrt jazz rock influences in arti & mestieri's style, although these influences are always filtered through arti's unique progressive approach. "Necropoli" was the last compositioin that the original line up made,and shows the way we added new harmonic and rhythmic structurs in our music, retaining our melodic sense, dadding drama and sudden change of dynamics. "Necropoli' is ochestrated and played in a quite intense way, in a pure 79's spirit.

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